Bizarre footage reveals crayfish slicing off it’s claw to survive!

According to a news report by The Independent, in a bizarre turn of events, a crayfish was caught on tape as it ripped it’s own claw off to escape the boiling future that awaited it at a restaurant in China.

in the video, the heroic crustacean is seen nestled at the edge of a large pot of boiling water and mates with one claw already deep in the vat of death.

In the footage which has more than one million views on Facebook, the little guy slices off its damaged pincer by jabbing at it with it’s other claw and then makes a swift run for it!

Seeing this amazing attempt at survival, the crayfish has since then been taken home by a customer in an aquarium along with it’s dismembered claw as per a report by The New York Post.

According to reports by the Taiwan News, the man stated, “I let him live, I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium.”

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