Boiling your rice may be poisoning you, here’s why!

According to a recent study by Queen’s University Belfast, there may be more harm than good when it comes to boiling your rice. Boiling rice poses the threat of us consuming unsafe amounts of arsenic which is a deadly poison as per a report by AOL Lifestyle.

Source; Olga’s Flavor Factory

This toxin is seen growing in quantity in rice grains due to the increase in use of pesticides while growing crops.  According to Professor Andy Meharg of Queen’s who joined hands with the BBC ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ program, rice eaters should take some steps to cook the grain so that there is limited exposure to arsenic.

One of the easiest and by far the most popular methods which is boiling the rice in water causes rice to keep approximately all of the arsenic, which is why Meharg suggests an alternative.

Source; Kinghat

Follow these simple steps to ensure safe and healthy cooking for you and your family;

1. Soak your rice overnight

2. The next morning, drain your rice and rinse it thoroughly

3. Cook in 5 times more water per rice quantity but do not allow it to boil dry

4. Drain and rinse it again with hot water

5. Serve your considerably healthier and arsenic free rice

Source; Chowhound

Although this process takes substantially more time, there is no time limit on the health of you and your family!

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