Here’s what people from around the world eat on Eid-Ul-Fitr!

Eid-Ul-Fitr is also known as the meethi eid here in Pakistan, which means that it is mandatory for Pakistanis to indulge in sweet treats as a way of celebrating this joyous occasion. However, Muslims around the world have many other dishes that they are accustomed to eating on Eid. Here is a look at a few!

South Asia

Source; NDTV Food

Starting with our own South Asian heritage, everyone knows Eid is practically incomplete without a big bowl of sweet Sheer Khurma! Dates, pistachios, yummy vermicelli and much much more, this is what makes up this delicacy loved across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh!


Source; Wikipedia

Moving on to our closest neighbours, Muslims in Afghanistan treat themselves with their traditional flatbread stuffed with vegetable filling or lentils called Bolani or Perakai. This is enjoyed as a collective family dinner and is well loved by adults and children alike.


Source; Chic African Culture

Travelling on to the Middle East, we are on to the favourite eid dish of our Yemeni Muslim brothers and sisters! Aseeda, which is a jelly like dessert made from honey and wheat and is enjoyed by other Middle-Eastern states such as Libya, Saudi Arabia and even Sudan!


Source; SBS

Malaysians celebrate eid which they call ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ in style with one of the best savory dishes on this list! Called Rendang, this super spicy and flavorsome meat dish isn’t that far off from our own delicious beef quormas and is well loved throughout the nation.

United Kingdom

Source; Global Village Space

There is a huge Muslim population in the UK and boy do they love their biryani! I mean who doesn’t want to celebrate a joyous occasion such as Eid with a plate full of mouthwatering biryani, raita, fresh salad and a side of tangy pickle?