These six eateries in Lahore were recently sealed by the Punjab Food authority!

On September 7th of this year, the Punjab Food Authority closed down six popular and renowned food businesses and also charged a fine of  Rs 34,500 on the restaurants for their negligence towards rules set by the provincial food regulatory body’s Act.

Source; Samaa News

Under the supervision of food safety officers, the teams carried swift crackdowns on the various unhygienic food points. According to the PFA’s  Director General they sealed several eateries with the likes of Bundu Khan, Hospitality Inn’s general storage area, Delight Foods, a popular and established paan shop, Baba Foods and ABN Foods.

Source; Foodible

The PFA team on one such occasion checked the standards and protocols for measuring food safety issues at Bundu Khan Restaurant in Gulberg, but since administration failed to maintain the food standards, Bundu Khan was sealed immediately.  According to a report by The News, the PFA accused the eatery of using expired and substandard cooking oils to fry food.


The general storage area of the Hospitality Inn hotel was under scrutiny for not taking preventive measures against pests and PFA teams sealed Delight Foods and Baba Foods for the use of  sauces which were prepared with harmful chemicals and flavours. These were later discarded.