This biodegradable and edible tableware is what the future should look like!

Food wastage is a problem that plagues many countries in the world and this is usually accompanied by an increase in both the production and disposing of plastic packaging and food items. This is a huge problem for the environment especially since it has been predicted that  by the year 2025 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

This is incredibly alarming and to counter this, a company in Poland has sought to make a difference.

Source; ScoopWhoop

Polish tableware producers, Biotrem introduced a revolutionary idea which dreams of a world where there is zero waste! Their table ware and cutlery is all produced by incorporating natural wheat bran and water together to make compact, lightweight and 100% edible products.

They can not only be used for both hot and cold foods but can also be microwaved! Now that’s innovation!

Source; Digital Trends

The company also makes spoons out of biodegradable plastic which may not be fit for consumption but are definitely a step in the right direction. Once the items have been used, they can either be eaten if edible or composted.

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