Uber Eats wants to deliver your food via drone technology!

Uber Eats is the Food Panda of the western world and ever since they launched in 2014, they have given some serious competition to their competitors in the food market. Everyone knows the lengths to which brands go just to stay relevant and trending on social media!

Which is why it is no surprise that the food delivery service plans to whisk out food deliveries via drones by 2021!

Source; Gfycat

During the Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo at Japan in August, they unveiled the idea to the public. It all comes down to their drone partners, Uber Elevate that aim to launch a flying car service, known as UberAir by 2023! The goal is to provide cheaper and faster air food deliveries.

Sounds amazing and futuristic!

Source; Gifer

But is it a possibility? We’ll have to wait to find out! However, according to sources, Uber is already in meetings with U.S FAA and has bagged some drone flight tests already! The future looks bright and if we cant fly around town maybe our food will!

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