It All Start With Food

Food shopping in the future

Did you know that Amazon is actually doing food shopping a lot easier for us? Or that supermarkets base some of their experimental approaches on the past in order to predict the future?

Cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance?

Have you ever wondered how many foods do also contain it? Milk and/or its components are widely spread across all kinds of foods.

Meet the cold plasma technology

Cold plasma exists, is innovative, and offers some interesting benefits for the food sector.

Why COVID-19 doesn’t spread through food or water?

Is COVID-19 able to spread through foods? Let’s see what science has to say about it.

Does viscosity always work the same?

A proper milkshake, yoghurt, or fruit juice are simple instances of mass-produced food items that rely heavily on their viscosities to meet consumer expectations

Why do astronauts undereat while in space?

Who in 2021 does not know about Elon Musk? It would probably be weird if so, because Elon, rather than a mind which is changing the world, is a trend.