Read this article to catch up with the new trend: broccoli coffee!

To say the least: anything is possible. Who would have thought of bringing broccoli and coffee together! Broccoli coffee is one of the crazy new trends that has emerged in 2018.

Source; Mental Floss

Broccoli is one of the most beneficial vegetable out there. It has various health benefits which include prevention of cancer, improvement of eyesight and reduction of cholesterol. To increase the usage of this vegetable, its powdered form has been introduced so that it can be incorporated into various things. This broccoli powder was tested at a Melbourne cafe, Commonfolk, creating a “broccolatte” for brave customers to sample.


Source; Mashable


The creation of Broccolatte received a lot of mixed reviews. Some people were exciting to try the new drink  while some were surprised at the crazy fusion.





What do you think about Broccolatte? Is it tasty or unappetising? Give it a try to find out!


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